NaNoWriMo 2016 #30

Since I won yesterday already, I wrote just 300 words today, but I was really glad I was already finished, because the day was crazy busy and I didn’t really have time for much more. Actually I didn’t even have time for the 300 words, but I wrote them anyway. And I will go to the gym as well in a few minutes. There is just so much to do for uni, but I have to continue that another day.

Congratulations to all NaNo winners!!!

Total wordcount: 50776/50000

Miss Squishy and me


NaNoWriMo 2016 #29

I did it!!! I hit 50000 words today!

This is so great, it feels incredible!

Last year (my first NaNo), my story was finished with hitting 50k, but this year, the story is much longer. Now I think I have about 2/3 done, but I hope that I can keep the regular writing up a bit, so I can hopefully finish this draft maybe in march or so, depending on how much I will have to write for uni/how fast I am with doing so.

Anyway, I will write tomorrow, since it’s still NaNo and I’m looking forward to it.

Total wordcount: 50449/50000

Miss Squishy and me

NaNoWriMo 2016 #28

November is almost over and I have almost reached 50k. Today I got to 48k, which is more than I thought. But during the half hour on the train I wrote much more than I usually do in that time. I really shouldn’t be so surprised anymore that I write so much whenever I’m on the train, but for some reason I am. Anyway, it’s definitely good, I got so much done!

Total wordcount: 48023/50000

Miss Squishy and me

NaNoWriMo 2016 #27

It’s the first sunday of advent and I spent the whole morning in the kitchen, baking christmas cookies with my dad, listening to christmas music. It was great fun!

In the afternoon, or rather evening, I sat down to write and got 2000 words done. There are less than 4k to go now, but also just three more days of NaNo. Unfortunately, I forgot my laptop chrager at my parent’s home, but luckily I’m going back for an afternoon tomorrow anyway, so I can pick it up. I really hope that the battery lasts until then, so I can write tomorrow morning, but I think it will be fine, if I turn the laptop off now (will have to watch YouTube on my phone then, but that’s not too big of a problem).

Lots of people have already hit th 50k and I can’t wait to get there, too.

Total wordcount: 46121/50000

Miss Squishy and me

NaNoWriMo 2016 #26

Today was another pretty busy day, and I feel a little stupid for writing this pretty much every single day, but I guess that’s just how it is when christmas time is coming up and NaNo is still not over.

However, I got about 1000 words down, even though I was really stuck with having to write in some information which I have but my characters don’t. For some reason I found it extremely hard to put in that information and also I’m still not quite sure how much I want them to have at this point of the story. They need just enough to bring them to the next stage, but I still need to keep enough for myself to give the proper explanation of everything that happened in the showdown in the end (which is still so far away there is no way I will be writing it this year). In the end I simply skipped the scene and started the next. I decided that I can come back to it later and see which information they need. The chapter I started afterwards is much easier to write.

Anyway, it’s not long to go now just four more days of NaNo and still 6000 words to go for me. I am still on track with my words, but I will certainly have to write a lot in the next days, even though there is not extremely much time for it. Since I am still in the middle of the story, I really hope that I can keep the regular writing up a bit, after November is over (maybe something like 500 words a day or 10k a month or so, I’ll see).

Total wordcount: 44041/50000

Miss Squishy and me

NaNoWriMo 2016 #24

As every thursday I had a lot of uni today, but I must say that I got quite a lot done anyway. I did a lot of knitting during the lectures and tried to teach a friend, too, which didn’t quite work, but she wants to learn it, so I’ll guess we’ll try again next week.

After I came home from uni I made the big mistake of starting to watch the finale of a TV show, which then took about 3 hours and I simply couldn’t get myself to stop watching it and start reading instead. That’s why I started reading the text for my seminar at 5:30, which is pretty late – and then it turned out that I was reading the wrong text! Therer were two with almost the exact same title and I read the wrong one – I noticed when I was on page 20 or something. Great! So I had to read the right text afterwards and then a few chapters for one of my lectures…

In the end it was 8pm and I had not written a single word for my story, which is why I then decided to do the rest of my uni stuff tomorrow or over the weekend (even though I don’t think I will have much time then) and start writing. After two hours (including a virtual write in), I had almost 2000 words more than before and I am really happy with that.

I hope you all had a great day!

Total wordcount:42025/50000

Miss Squishy and me